Radial patches
Reinforced batten pockets
Batten cars and boxes (Selden, Rutgerson, Bainbridge...)
Assembled using UV treated thread
Stainless steel pressrings on tack and clew of each reef
Leech line adjustable at each reef
Foot line
Shape-stripes, tell-tales, sailbag

Specific luff-slides on request

Polyester cruise laminate white, tri-radial
Contender Pro Hybrid - tri-radial - Made in France
Polyester cruise laminate grey, tri-radial
Sail numbers, each
Negative value, reef
Reef strop or ring
Additional batten
Additional reef
Negative value, rmainsail batten
Reef low friction ring <45’
Negative value, roller luff cars
Negative value, roller luff cars
Reef low friction ring >45’

Recommended accessories